Business Advisory Services (2018 – 2020)

The Business Advisory Scheme is designed to support business undertakings operating in Malta access advisory services that suit their specific circumstances. The scheme is intended to help entrepreneurs, managers and business owners in formulating business strategies to ensure sustainability and growth. Undertakings may be supported through authorised professionals in the following areas:

  • Market Development

  • Business Planning

  • Financial Planning

  • Start-ups & Entrepreneurship

  • Industrial Space Audit

Beneficiaries will receive a Business Advisory Voucher (valid for 6 months) which can be used to pay for an advisor or consultant to assist in addressing specific difficulties or development initiatives within the business endeavour. The voucher having a monetary value may not exceed 500 euro with a minimum of 5 hours of advisory services.

Any additional advisory will be supported through a fiscal benefit in the form of a tax credit calculated at 50% of the costs incurred by the beneficiary up to a maximum support of 2,000 euro.