Research and Development (2014 – 2020)

The aim of this incentive is to assist undertakings that carry out Industrial Research and Experimental Development required for acquisition of knowledge leading to the development of innovative products and solutions.

Undertakings established in Malta may benefit from assistance in the form of a cash grant covering wage costs capped at €500,000 per annum per project and tax credits for other eligible costs as describe in section 5. Cash grants are awarded at the sole discretion of the Corporation. An annual cash budget of €500,000 is allocated for project approved through the Eurostars-2 Joint Programme2 these while be awarded. Projects that received funding from the Eurostars-2 Joint Programme are co-funded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Projects supported are to be completed within thirty-six (36) months from the ‘start of works`. Unless otherwise specified in the Incentive Entitlement Certificate, the ‘start of works’ date should be within twelve (12) months from the date of the Incentive Entitlement Certificate. Should a project exceed this period, only eligible costs incurred in the first thirty-six (36) months from the date of approval shall be considered eligible.

The maximum levels of assistance that may be provided under this incentive are found in the Table below.

    • Small Undertakings Medium Undertakings Large Undertakings
      Industrial Research & Experimental Development
      45% 35% 25%
      Collaborative Industrial Research & Experimental
      development Projects
      60% 50% 40%

Undertakings planning to carry out Industrial Research or Experimental Development projects are eligible to apply for assistance under this incentive. In order to be eligible, applicants must additionally satisfy the following criteria. They must be either:

  • a partnership constituted under the Companies Act4, being a partnership en nom collectif, en commandite or a limited liability company; or

  • a body of persons constituted, incorporated or registered outside Malta and of a nature similar to the aforesaid partnerships and registered as an overseas company in accordance with the Companies Act; or

  • be duly registered as a co-operative society under the Co-Operative Societies Act5.

The following costs are considered as eligible as long as they are incurred in relation to an approved Industrial Research or Experimental Development project after the ‘start of works`.

  • Personnel costs such as wages of researchers and technicians, and other supporting staff

  • Instruments and equipment

  • Contractual research, technical knowledge and patents

  • Other operating expenses such as costs of materials, supplies and similar products, incurred directly as a result of the project.