Get Qualified

The scope of this incentive is to support the personal development of individuals who aim to achieve qualifications and certifications required by industry. The incentive is applicable to students following a course of studies leading to a certification, diploma, degree or post-graduate degree courses. On successful completion, the student will benefit from a tax credit, hence recovering part of the costs incurred. This incentive is mainly intended to support persons who have completed formal education and who are seeking to further their education in areas that are relevant to Maltese Industries.

The following costs are eligible for tax credits:

  • Registration fees paid to the awarding body awarding the qualification.

  • Fees paid to the university, institution or other entity recognised by MEDE for the training and educational services leading to the approved qualification.

  • Fees payable in connection with examinations, including the cost of one (1) resit per examination/assignment required to achieve the approved qualification.

  • Bench fees paid to the University awarding the qualification.

The maximum value of tax credits will be of 70% of the eligible costs. Moreover, the eligible costs will be calculated as follows:

  • Eligible costs incurred directly from the Awarding Body awarding the qualification as indicated in the official documentation published by the Awarding Body.

  • Eligible costs paid to a third party organisations recognised by the Awarding Body, the eligible value shall be the actual costs paid by the student.